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Applications of CCI technologies

Oil and gas exploration

In the oil and gas industry, there are a number of applications for customised energy-storage devices, including Measurement While Drilling (MWD), Logging While Drilling (LWD) and Pipeline Inspection Gauges (PIGs). CCI energy-storage solutions can be adapted and produced to suit the particular application; for example, to utilise space more efficiently than is possible with established energy-storage devices, and thus increase energy and/or power density. Special requirements in the field of oil and gas exploration include very high ambient temperatures combined with sufficient power density at low temperatures. In addition to meeting these demands, CCI cell construction technology offers energy-storage systems with shock and vibration resistance, thereby maximising safety.

Medical technology

The energy-storage devices used up to now in medical instruments and support systems often fail to meet all the equipment developer’s requirements, and are not state-of-the-art. Application-specific CCI energy-storage solutions offer major advantages for patients and medical staff alike, especially in applications where battery space is a challenge, such as in prostheses with electronic motors, cardiac support systems, defibrillators and diagnostic instruments (e.g. wireless endoscopes). Compactness, high intrinsic safety, light weight and autoclavability are just some of the assets that enable CCI cell construction technology to enhance modern medical devices.

Aerospace technology

Specially configured energy-storage systems for aerospace applications undergo extensive tests and normally several iteration levels to adapt the system. Our flexible cell construction technology and the high quality standards of the CCI manufacturing environment can optimally support development work and enable special performance profiles to be demonstrated and realised by building and testing small batches.

Industry and research institutes for energy-storage technology

CCI cell construction technology is exceptionally flexible in the range of materials and cell components it can use. This feature is ideal for providing development support to industrial companies and research institutes because a vast array of specified and tested semi-finished products can be built and delivered. For example, new generations of lithium storage materials can be optimally tested by the customer using uniform electrode foils. Or other cell components – like electrolytes in unfilled CCI test cell series – can be developed by the customer in reproducible test conditions. Another way in which the CCI customer stands to benefit is by utilising services such as consultancy and material procurement.

Other special applications

Optical systems, special measuring instruments, e.g. for autonomous weather stations, vehicle batteries, maritime applications

Example of an application: AUV

As part of the TIETeK project run by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e.V., one of the many cell construction technologies available to CCI was used to build an energy-storage system for the primary supply of the deep-sea robot shown below…

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