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Battery modules

Special patent-protected cell construction technology combined with a modular system for all components plus ISIT’s R&D activities in parallel with production enable us to offer energy-storage solutions with, for instance, customised energy and power density, shape and conditions of service.

Battery module configuration

Conductors and connections
Customcells energy-storage devices offer optimum integration: We determine the position, shape, location, material, cross-section and connection technology of the battery’s electrical conductors and the battery module’s connections in accordance with your product requirements. We are thus able to ensure optimum, loss-free and durable connection of the conductors and encapsulation of the cells, even in extreme conditions of use.


The cell capacity can be very freely configured between 0.01 and ~100 Ah per cell by the surface loading, stacking and geometric configuration of individual cell elements.

Energy and power density
Energy and power density are optimally balanced for your application. Customcells will deliver the right solution: Whether long-term energy supply or high-performance energy-storage devices with large discharging currents.

Cell construction technology
We select the right technology for your requirements. Depending on the application, we use lamination or stacking technology, ceramic, nonwoven or polymer separators as well as the specific electrochemical configuration to ensure maximum benefits in terms of performance.

In addition to conventional shapes, you have great freedom of choice when it comes to the shape of our lithium batteries. For instance, annular, angular, curved or polygonal lithium accumulators are no problem for Customcells.

Active materials, electrolytes, additives, cell design and configuration allow us to optimise the intrinsic safety, to a large degree at cell level. This means that Customcells is able to produce lithium batteries that pass penetration and short-circuit tests which standard solutions fail.

Ambient requirements
Batteries made by Customcells are adapted to suit the ambient requirements of the particular application, with the result that they are highly resistant to cold and heat. We use special methods to ensure maximum pressure resistance (overpressure and underpressure) and shock resistance. Further special properties – such as magnetic field suppression – are possible within module construction.

Specifications for cycle stability and calendar ageing are major challenges for lithium batteries, especially in terms of economy. When it comes to balancing energy density and stability, Customcells has decades of experience in battery construction to draw on and also has the benefit of a successful modular system to fulfil special requirements and produce extraordinarily stable battery systems.



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