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Contract & Toll Coating

Customcells consists of many years experience in precision coating and offers customers a flexible and fast production of high quality surfaces and consistant good quality. Our team of chemists, engineers and operators have extensive knowledge and skills in reel to reel coating of functional layers, as for example in ramp-up of ambitious compositions (especially battery foils for Lithium-Ion-Batteries and foils for supercapacitors).

Our customers are continious accompanied by our scientists and experienced engineers to get fast to good results. Custom Cells optimizes recipes already in early stage at a scale of < Liter. After this a scale-up to 200 Liter Batches can follow.

Customcells produces on modern coating lines, vaccum ovens and has got beside other equipment several “State of the art” dissolvers of different sizes till 200 Liter per Batch avaiable. Beside of these standard systems, Custom Cells can produce on special systems like p.e. flowcells.


Modern coating lines

Dissolver of <1 Liter to 200 Liter size

Several coating heads and technologies

Real time capture of production data and extensive quality management system

Analytical and characterisation methods

Your Advantages

Experienced Ramp-up Team

Easy market entry

High quality products

Cost control


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Machine Manufacturer Mathis (Switzerland)
Speed range 0,1 – 10 m/min
Coating chemetries Casting compounds Solvents, Dispersions
Dry coating weight 3-300 g/m²
Coating Coating stations One with wet-thickness measurement unit
Coating heads Roll coater, Doctor blade, Reverse roll, Slot die
Max. coating width 480 mm
Inline coating weight measurement Absorption measurement
Winding Cont. drive yes
Inner core diameter 3 – 6 Inch
Max. core width 500 mm
Min. core width 50 mm
Max. reel weight 200 kg
Max. sheet thickness ~500 μm
Min. sheet thickness 10 μm
Max. outer core diameter 600 mm
Slitting unit Quad. in-line slitting unit
Drying Pre-drying unit Infrared, pre-dried air
Main drying unit I Recirculating air, indirect, pre-dried air
Main drying unit II Recirculating air, Jet drier, pre-dried air
Drying zones 5
Pre-treatment Corona, Air, Anti static
Calendaring Pressure or Gap, 5-50 t, In-line multipoint dry coating


  • ISO 9001 certified production environment
  • Realtime capture of production data
  • In-line continious wet coating thickness control and measurement
  • Dry coating thickness measurement
  • Central data processing
  • Extensive Analytics


Please contact us. We would be glad to advise you.