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CCI products

From raw materials through to intermediate products and customised energy-storage systems. Our range of technology is unique in the world. It enables us to develop and series-produce a tailor-made energy-storage device, based on patented lithium accumulator technology, which is specific to your particular application in every detail.

If you are looking for:

  • Free choice of shape: Round, hexagonal, angular, curved or annular batteries
  • Temperature stability: Batteries for high or low temperatures
  • Special specifications: Accumulators that are resistant to environment, high pressure, vacuum or shock
  • Special safety characteristics: Intrinsically safe or non-combustible batteries
  • Extreme performance: Very high total capacity, high power density or high energy density, fast charge rate and fast discharge rate
  • Special application: e.g. flexible (bendable) batteries
  • Intermediate products: Battery semi-finished products, such as electrode coatings, electrode foils, batteries without electrolytes
  • Manufacturing capacity: Batteries or battery components made from your materials or batteries with special materials for your tests
  • Batteries for research and development
  • Instrumented cells with temperature sensors or energy-storage devices with pressure or acceleration sensors
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We can offer you safety-optimised energy-storage solutions for your applications.

Cell geometry

Solutions to physical constraints: For example, a tubular compartment can be utilised more efficiently with pentagonal cells. We will produce lithium accumulators and energy-storage solutions for you in line with your shape requirements.


We can offer you optimal solutions for low- and high-temperature applications. We implement and, if necessary, adapt modern electrolyte systems so that the energy-storage solution meets your application specifications.

Cell chemistry

Customer specifications in relation to energy and power density, safety criteria, voltages and ecology can be met by making the right choice of storage device materials. The CCI modular system means we can make use of most modern active materials (from graphite to lithium titanate for the anode, for example).

Cycle stability

In line with your specifications for the energy-storage solution, extraordinarily high numbers of cycles can be achieved by the choice of cell chemistry and charge and discharge parameters. In optimum conditions, compact prototype cells have already achieved in excess of 5,000 full cycles.

Shock and vibration resistance

Due to the special cell construction technology, CCI lithium accumulators feature high shock and vibration resistance and, in certain cases, can also be produced with flexural strength.

Special requirements

While Standard cells only feature Standard Performance, Customcells offers individualized multi-option cells suiting exactly to your application. Electrodes based on future materials, high safety configurations and unrivaled Performance makes These cells perfect to suit even the roughest applications.